Thought exercise: The one hour conversation

Part 1

You are setting across a table from a stranger. You know that in exactly one hour they are going to die. They won’t leave the table, and you can’t leave the table. You can say anything you want to them, but you can’t tell them they’re dying. What would you spend the next hour talking to them about?

*Take a moment to consider your answer.*

Part 2

It’s estimated that approximately 60,000,000 people will die this year. That’s 6,849 people per hour. Most by natural causes. Others by accidents, murders, suicides. 2 people die every second. Gone, forever. No second chances, no take backs, no do overs. Their story is finished. What happens to them now? Could their outcome have changed? What if someone had taken the time to talk to them?

An hour after you read this sentence 6,849 people will be dead, what are you going to do about it?





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