Rolling Stone magazine Jan. 2021 issue, and why I burned it.

*This is post contains subjects, pictures, and language you might find offensive. Read at your own risk. I know some of you who read this blog. Do not discuss this with me in person. Dear God, please no.

This isn’t the post I planned to make this week, but this is on my mind, so here we are. For background, my brother gets ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine. It gets delivered to my mother’s house. Currently, no one knows why. He didn’t subscribe to it, and he hasn’t lived there in years. Still, it comes regularly. She usually asks if I want to read it, I say no and point out I have the internet, then it gets thrown away. This week however she handed it to me, and it caught my eye. I looked at the cover for a moment, then showed it to her. All I said was ‘Tell me when you see it.’ She stared at it for a minute trying to figure out what I was talking about. Then she saw it. Thus, a post was born. To start we’ll be looking at the cover.

At first my only thought was ‘What happened to Miley Cyrus?’ Then I noticed the small cross earring she’s wearing. The irony. The hypocaracy? Then I started having a deeper philosophical thought. Is this appropriate for a Christian girl? Is she a Christian? If not, has the cross become nothing more than a fashion accessory? If she were wearing regalia of a different religion, how would people react? Other religions are defended, well, religiously. Why not Christianity? Why does no one care how offensive this is to Christians?

I then started flipping through the magazine to see what others ridiculousness I could find. This leads to our next picture. (I added the pixelation)

This brought up a few issues with me. Firstly, this magazine arrived as is, unsealed. Do you remember how Playboy magazine used to only be sold wrapped in plastic so minors couldn’t access it? (It may still, if you know, don’t tell me how.) What if my mom wasn’t the one who picked up the mail that day? What if no one had looked through it and she just set it down on the coffee table for anyone to read? Do you want to explain to your kids why Hannah Montana has her tits out? And why, no you can’t be like her!

Then, onto our next problem. Her necklace, again with the cross. I don’t feel like Jesus would approve of a silver diamond-encrusted necklace hanging between a woman’s exposed breasts for the world to see. That seems contrary to pretty much everything the bible teaches about how women should present themselves. Read my other posts here, here, and here.

Onto the next picture.

Now Miss.Cyrus sits on a bed, legs spread, still wearing her silver diamond cross necklace. I had to look for the shirt she is wearing to get a clear view of it. If you want to read it for yourself you can find it here. To save you the trouble it includes the lines;

“FUCK ME like the DIRTY PIG that I am
CUM all over my tits”

Now I like to maintain the position that everyone’s personal lives are their business. If you like to be beat, bitten, and whipped, have at it. Oodles of fun. Your business. But again… the… cross… If she said that to her spouse, I wouldn’t think about it (because I likely wouldn’t know (happily)). The problem is this seems aimed at more of a …general audience.

Pretty much all Christians would agree that the cross, and what it represents, are sacred. Is this the value the cross has in the modern world? Is this considered acceptable by the church today? Some of you may be old enough to remember when John Lennon claimed that ‘The Beatles’ were more popular than Jesus, and the outrage that ensued because of it. Where’s the outrage? Why are there no mass ‘Rolling Stone’ burnings? Is this the state of Christianity in the 21st century?

Now for some other issues with this issue. The ‘contents’ page features a picture of ‘Megan Thee Stallion.’ Some people would say that she’s provocatively dressed, I would point out that I’ve seen church girls post pictures of themselves online wearing as little, or less, than Miss.Thee Stallion. The world permeates everywhere, and even church girls aren’t immune to being tarnished by it. Tragically. The question is, to what extent will we tolerate it?

The other problem here is that Rolling Stone has chosen the song she did with Cardi B as their favourite single of 2020. The song is titled ‘WAP’ (wet-ass pussy). If you haven’t heard it, it goes about like you would think it does. If you’re interested, you can watch the music video with non-explicit lyrics here, or if you want to read the full lyrics, click here.

Do you remember when the song ‘I can only imagine’ by MercyMe came out in 2001? It was everywhere. Christian radio, non-Christian radio, it seemed like everyone was playing it. Do you see how far society has shifted in the past 20 years?

Now, for full disclosure, I’m an art kid. In my earlier days my paintings, sketches, photography, etc. dabbled in things that today I likely wouldn’t. I’m aware that in art nudity and sex are common themes. Sometimes I can justify it, if it works for a specific piece. Most of the time I just shrug and say ‘Eh. To each their own.’ So, I’m not averse to some things labeled “adult.” I’m not advocating that we destroy every work of art that features a nipple. I don’t see a lot of artistry here, though. All I can see is lust-filled attention-seeking. This comes off as disrespectful, irreverent, and borderline blasphemous. It’s also heartbreaking that things like this are so common place that people hardly complain about it anymore.

To be mildly inappropriate, and incredibly blunt. The symbol of your faith; the symbol that represents the ultimate sacrifice that Christ Jesus paid so that everyone could have life eternal, hangs between a woman’s exposed breasts in a picture, chosen by a company to put in a magazine, which sits in a gas station, right now, waiting for someone to buy it, to go home and masturbate.

Again, where is the outrage?


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